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Friday, September 18, 2009


We've been waiting for update for a long time, the previous version in pkgsrc is lang/gcc34 (wip/gcc42 doesn't count ;-)
Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   dmcmahill
Date:           Fri Sep 18 11:24:50 UTC 2009

Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/lang/gcc44
In directory

Log Message:
Import gcc-4.4.1 as lang/gcc44.  This is the latest branch of gcc.
Of particular note is this package contains gfortran which is required
for building some scientific software (recent versions of scilab
for example).  Package is prepared as a monolithic install of gcc
since gcc is really not set up to build and install the core and then
later add on different languages as their own packages.


Vendor Tag:     TNF
Release Tags:   pkgsrc-base
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/Makefile
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/DESCR
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/MESSAGE
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/distinfo
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/patches/patch-ad
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/patches/patch-aa
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/patches/patch-ab
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/patches/patch-ae
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/patches/patch-ac
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/files/i386-dragonfly64.h
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/files/dragonfly-spec.h
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/files/dragonfly.h
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/files/i386-dragonfly.h
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/files/hello.f
N pkgsrc/lang/gcc44/files/hello.m

No conflicts created by this import


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